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My latest album LOST AIRWAYS has landed!

On June 22, 2011, I self-released my 9th Compact Disc titled, “LOST AIRWAYS”. The album is my 5th studio album containing 5 original songs. It was recorded and mixed by SHA SHA SHA in Portland, Maine and features my friend and local musician, Dominic

LaVoie on bass and background vocals. You can listen to and buy tracks and the album through my online Music Store by simply clicking on the CD graphic to the right. Or you can buy it at one of my shows.

Fan Quotes

“Picture John Denver parachuting onstage during a Korn concert to play a few numbers for the kids. You can’t forget a thing like that… This sweet, earnest soul genuinely hopes his music will make the world a happier (and safer) place – that it will ‘slay the dragon,’ as he puts it. There is no anger or irony in his catchy, quirky songs, which touch on subjects as diverse as aliens, animals, Jesus, and Indiana Jones. He’s a breath of fresh air on a polluted planet.” Chris Busby, The Bollard

“Naturally blazing a trail between the deep recesses of the singer/songwriter genre and the still widely-unfamiliar genre known by critics and hipsters as outsider music, Knudsen is raising eyebrows. At first I was stunned. All conversation stopped when he began singing. Once I realized the bold innocence and honesty in his unique approach to songwriting, I was curiously hooked.” Jay Jasch, Rarity Design

“Dan Knudsen’s music is about as universal as it gets. It pulls us deeper inside ourselves, where we can experience our emotions unclouded by pretense. He is not afraid to tackle the big subjects. Love, God, Fear, Fun. The clarity he writes with is something I admire and strive towards. It reminds me that the most important thing in musical creation is the capacity to feel and know one’s true self.”
Mordechai Rosenblatt, Musician