Performance Calendar

For those interested in finding my upcoming performance calendar I’d like to redirect you to my MySpace page where I keep those dates current.

Email Announcements

Another option is to sign-up on the DanFan mailing list available at the top of my home page and I will gladly send you show announcements via email.

Booking Availability

For booking agents interested in adding me to a tour or booking me for a concert, festival or concert series, please visit my SonicBids page or Contact page and send me an email including your name, title, company name, and a description of the type of show or tour you are interested in including me in. Please include the requested dates, detailed compensation including accommodations, along with estimated performance time, other artists on the bill, promotion plans, etc.

I am currently booking what I refer to as Micro Tours (nothing to do with Micro Beers or Micro Breweries) in the local area. I’m also open to the opportunity to tour or perform shows in the United States or abroad either as a headliner, on a split-bill, or as a supporting artist for another artist or band.